About Monica Sheehan

Being in the Beauty Industry professionally since 2000, Monica has had amazing opportunities along the way, working with some of the greatest artists in the industry, not to mention the knowledge gained. Monica started her career as a Platform Artist in Las Vegas, Nevada assisting the number 1 voted Barber in the state of Nevada from 2002-2004; all while traveling to finish her education through Cosmetology School in Omaha, NE.

After two and a half years of show work, she decided to bring the runway back to Omaha along with her expertise in naturally curly, high texture hair and experience life behind the chair in a salon setting for the first time. She quickly thrived in a corporate salon and was invited to New York City, New York to further her education and attend the Redken Exchange on 5th Avenue. She then moved on to a privately-owned Salon and was honored to be a featured Stylist at the 2007 Midwest Bridal Fair and the American Idol Auditions Season 7, 2008.

To keep busy, Monica spent time creating and coordinating "Senior Spa Day," a quarterly event where local Salon Professionals donate their time and services to the residents of a local rehabilitation facility. Monica made her way to Los Angeles California, where she was trained and certified as a HairLocs Hair Extensions Specialist and again, brought her knowledge and services back to Omaha.

To date, she has been trained and certified in White Ice Teeth Whitening, Bio Ionic Retex Japanese Hair Straightening System, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Eyelash Enhancements and Extensions and the application and maintenance of Lace Front Wigs just to name a few. Monica has been trained in a plethora of Beauty Product Lines, traveling to New Jersey, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York and Chicago.

She now owns and operates Liberate Beauty, a single chair salon suite, catered to the privacy and exclusivity of her client's needs. Monica is elated to further experience what the beauty industry has in store for her and is devoted to further servicing and educating everyone around her with what she has to offer.